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Applications to certificates, bachelors, masters, doctoral, and post graduate diploma programs are all handled by Admissions Office.

All Undergraduate and Certificate programs applicants are required to supply their High School transcripts along with any other relevant college transcripts.

All Graduate programs qualified candidates who hold a bachelor’s degree from a North American accredited college or university may apply to master’s, doctoral or post graduate diploma programs. Bachelor’s & college transcripts are required to apply.

International candidates who hold the equivalent of a U.S.bachelor’s degree are also encouraged to apply. International degree evaluations are necessary steps of admissions. Official Transcripts and documents translations are needed. In addition to international translations, they may also be obtained from UAMU department of translation.

Language Proficiency Exams are also necessary steps of admissions, specific guides for evaluating different languages will be provided through office of admissions.

Mature Students Bridge Program Admission, is for Candidates who have attended college but not graduated with a bachelor’s degree (incomplete programs). They may apply for advanced standing in completing their Bachelor’s Degree at UAMU through Mature Students Degree Completion program wherbye candidates may attend a bridge program complete their bachelor’s program and follow toward a Master’s degree.

All applications must be submitted online. All supporting documents must be submitted both as scanned copies online and as hard copies mailed to our admissions office.

The applicant is responsible for ensuring the Office of Admissions receives all required materials by the stated deadline.  We will confirm receipt of mailed materials within 24hrs of their arrivals.

Although you may apply to up to two programs at UAMU, all has to be mentioned in one application. Multiple applications will not be processed. Also note that one application fee is enough for all programs.

Deadlines: Please contact admissions office for specific deadlines on various programs. Not all programs have the same deadlines.

STEP 1: Document Preparation

Gather as much information as you can about the major/academic plan you are interested in.

  • Pay attention to all application requirements and deadlines for your major/academic plan.
  • Visit our Financial Aid Department for more information about scholarships eligibility requirements, tuition fees and deadlines.
  • Call or email us to speak with an academic advisor before you submit your application.


STEP 2: Application Requirements

Although there are specific supporting documents needed for each program and office of admissions will contact each student separately on their specific requirements, general requirements are as following.

  • Educational & Work Experience Resume.(emailed only)
  • Statement of Purpose, one page. (emailed only)
  • High School Diploma and it’s Official Transcripts.(emailed and mailed)
  • Certificates and Bachelor’s certified copy & official transcripts (emailed and mailed)
  •  Transcripts from any other relevant college studies. (emailed and mailed)
  • Two letters of references from former colleagues, supervisors or professors. (emailed only)
  • Two photo identifications. (i.e; copy of passport, copy of driver’s license or birth certificate). (emailed only)
  • Two recent passport size photos. (emailed & mailed)
  • Language Proficiency Test Results (emailed and mailed). Please check with admissions office to see if applies. (Teachers Language Proficiency Test is not the same as IELTS or TOEFL )
  • GRE is not required.
  • Application fee is $110 payable through major credit cards.


STEP 3: Create and complete your application.

Once you are ready to apply to one of our programs, click on “Apply Online” link and you can complete your application online. You may also Download the Application, complete it and submit it through email.

You can apply to up to two programs at UAMU, however the priority will be given to the first listed program.


STEP 4:  Submit your online application.

Once your online application is complete, you can SUBMIT your application.  You will be prompted to pay the application fee by a major credit card and will see your application status change from Pending to Submitted.  We ask you print out the Submitted Status screen for your records.  If your application status is listed as Submitted your application has been successfully submitted to our school.

Online applications must be received by 11:59pm EST on the stated deadline.


STEP 5:  Submitting remaining application materials.

If any materials need to be mailed to our office, mail the materials under one mailing using a cover sheet stating your full name, date of birth and the program for which you have applied. Items received without a cover sheet take longer to match your application.

Materials must be received by, not postmarked, by the appropriate deadline. Only completed applications will be considered and reviewed by the Admissions Committee.



  • Please check the online system to confirm you successfully submitted your application.
  • Due to the volume of applications and related materials received the Office of Graduate Admissions will only contact you if your application was successfully submitted and is deemed incomplete because of missing required materials.  Otherwise you will hear from us when the Admissions Committee has made a decision, which can take approximately 3 to 4 weeks after the stated deadline. Communication from our Office is via email.