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About Us

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Welcome to Universal American University

UAMU is energized by difference in our online teaching and  research, in our scholarship and outreach programs, in our universal community internship and in our universal governance presence all  to drive UAMU in cyber education environment. Students are drawn to UAMU from all over USA, Canada, France and from more than 150 countries around the world. They are top achievers with big dreams and fierce drives. Out of this diversity comes a remarkable learning experience, one where students are pushed to expand their thinking not only by their professors, but also by the extraordinary individuals who are their international classmates and friends. Their community participants assist them in their research and practical internships as well as future employment options both locally or internationally. Universal American University “UAMU” provides learning opportunities for people and communities of  transcending geography, utilizing technology, and empowering personal and professional growth through its unique online education.  Online Bachelors or Masters degrees provide students a convenient and flexible alternative for working adults and part-time students who have relevant work experience and are interested in completing a degree.  UAMU’s e-Learning develops and delivers online course-ware and training to meet the needs of adult learners and an expanding workforce. Online courses provide opportunities to complete courses without attending classes on campus. They offer interactivity with the instructor and other students, convenience of location and time, and independent learning for motivated students. The flexibility of online courses allow working professionals to pursue advanced degrees on flexible shifts available 24hrs per day 7 days a week. Although most courses are available online but almost all programs include an onsite internship available either in USA, Canada or international affiliate educational centres located in our international students home country. At UAMU all Alumni graduates’ research and studies becomes an open source library to assist new students to better develop their research & practical skills. UAMU students have the option to become teachers and developers of their own programs through mentor-ships, feedbacks and other educational development programs. UAMU is where students and teachers become one soul to promote and advance our universal education aiming toward peace, prosperity and harmony.

Welcome to Universal American University.

Siavash Vali,

President & Founder  



UAMU is an active member of TESOL Canada, TESOL U.S.A, European Union TESOL Association EUTA and internationally is recognized by United Nations department of UNHCCT.  UAMU is also an applicant to California Department of Education. In Canada UAMU courses are approved for tuition tax deductions through Ministry of Revenue Québec and Revenue Canada under the license of Universal Students Center.


Master of Education in TESOL

Master of Arts in Translation

Master of Project Management

Master of Business Administration



UAMU History

UAMU is a visualized mission of 1993 McGill University’s Universal Students Center (USC) to develop & promote advanced teaching skills & updated online organizational leadership in e-learning platforms. Initial visions lead to primary development of certificates and diplomas in undergraduate and graduate studies in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), TFSOL (Teaching French), TSSOL (Teaching Spanish), and since summer 2007 certification of Arabic teachers (TASOL) & Russian Teachers (TRSOL). As a pioneer institute in providing practical based training to TESOL students, Universal Students Centre USC has been a major TESOL Graduates provider for schools in North America and across the globe. During the first ten years of USC’s operation over 1610 Teachers have been graduated from USC’s dynamic TESOL program. Language Students through international communities have largely benefited from our TESOL program by having additional tutorials arranged for their classes. Upgrading teaching skills for teachers of Arts & Science have been latest additions of USC since fall 2008 aiming to improve pedagogical skills of interested professors. Teachers and students at School of Education, post graduate Doctoral students along with Masters of Education students see themselves as teachers, researchers, program developers, and contributors to the development of Universal American University. Following the success of initial programs UAMU has added additional undergraduate and graduate trainings in the field of Administration, Information Technology, Health Sciences and Education. Today, USC through an empowered Online University of Universal American University continues to strive for highest quality of educational achievement through community involvement, research and developments more particularly in TESOL, TFSOL, TSSOL, TASOL & TRSOL language instructors training. UAMU also provides graduate programs in Educational Leadership, Master of Business Administration “MBA”, Master of Project Management and Master in Translation & Interpretation which are all offered through online research & practicum based studies. Through it’s e-learning and distant education, Universal American University is where high standard North American Education reaches the most remote areas of our planet and brings teachers and students from all races and nationalities under one roof of peace and harmony.  At Universal American University you are literally right at home but in touch with the world.